Meet Alex Notte - a young man from the US on a quest to visit as many diocese as possible!

The 25-year-old, from Knoxville in Tennessee, arrived in the Archdiocese with his family and friends this week to visit St Mary's Cathedral, where he received a special blessing from Fr Jamie McMorrin after lunchtime Mass (below left).

Mum Kristine said: "A few years ago he declared his life ambition was to visit as many archdiocese in the world as he can.

"Our son has a passion for the Catholic faith that is a significant part of his life.

"Alex has many disabilities and is not constrained by social norms to live his Catholic faith. Yes, it's childlike, but he has a fervent passion.

"He has spent hours listing and studying the Catholic parishes, ordinations and masses via YouTube and the internet. He sets out each Easter season to pray for the Archdioceses."

The big golf fan also managed to visit the Old Course at St Andrews (right) with Kristine, dad Richard, gran Gabriella and family friends Sankar and Mala Lakshman.

Kristine added: "Through golf he is able to have another community other than his church community.

"Alex is very social and loves to meet leaders in his faith. He once showed compassion at the altar to a priest whose grief was obvious as he described his family. As the rest of us sat quietly, Alex respectfully walked over to extend an arm over his shoulder.  That's just one example of our son’s faith and compassion.

"I do believe Jesus is looking after him. Our mission is to share Alex's love."