More pupils will benefit from learning the faith as a group of teachers earn their Catholic Teaching Certificate.

They attended the Gillis Centre in Edinburgh for the ‘Setting Out on the Road’ course, delivered by The St Andrew’s Foundation at the University of Glasgow.

The Foundation is responsible for Catholic Teacher Education in Scotland and its courses develop and promote Catholic teaching in schools across the country. Dr Roisín Coll, Director of the Foundation, said: "We are delighted to be teaching this course here in Edinburgh and continuing our work to ensure that there are appropriately qualified teachers for our schools. The hospitality and support from the Archdiocese has been wonderful."

Eileen Rafferty, RE advisor for Schools in the Archdiocese of St Andrews & Edinburgh, said: “This is the first time the Catholic Teaching Certificate via the Setting Out on the Road course has been delivered in Edinburgh.

“It equips those taking part to teach and explain the Catholic faith. We now look forward to a continuation of this fruitful partnership in years to come.”

Megan McGhee, a teacher at St Andrew’s Primary in Dundee, agreed, saying: “Children can often come up with bizarre questions, so today we’ve been learning about the Word of God and how to portray and explain this to them."

Paul Flanigan, a teacher at St Parick’s Primary in Denny, agreed saying: “The questions can also be quite deep so it’s important to be equipped with an understanding to give the right answers.”

Ellen McBride, Honorary Teaching Fellow of the University of Glasgow, said: “This group are enthusiastic and willing to learn. We need people like that - who know their faith and who are confident and willing to share it.”