New Dawn Day

New Dawn in Scotland hosts this one-day conference and parish healing service at Ss John Cantius & Nicholas Parish in Broxburn on Saturday 3 February.

The day will include:

Speakers are Fr Frankie Mulgrew, former comedian and a priest from the Diocese of Salford, and Terry Quinn, an International Catholic Evangelist and bible scholar.

Terry will share part of his journey back to his Catholic faith after 30 years as a Pentecostal Evangelical Pastor.

There is no registration fee but any donations, however small, are welcome. Please bring a packed lunch.

Getting to the event

The address of the church is 34 West Main St, Broxburn EH52 5RJ.


9:30am: Registration opens

10:30am: Holy Mass (Celebrant Fr John Deighan   Homilist Fr Frankie Mulgrew)

11:15am: Praise & Worship – Introductions

11:45am: Testimony from Michael McPhee (video)

12:00pm: TALK 1: Terry Quinn - 'Going Public for Jesus'

Separate Children's Ministry event

1:00pm: Lunch in Church Hall. Tea/Coffee available but please bring a packed lunch

1:45pm: Praise & Worship

2:15pm: TALK 2: Fr Frankie Mulgrew - 'The Joy of the Gospel'

Separate Children's Ministry event

3:00pm: Workshop – ‘How as Catholics do we share the Good News’, plus Q&A

3:45pm: Break

4:00pm: Exposition - Prayer Ministry - Rosary – Confessions

5:00pm: Break for evening meal (local eateries). Tea/Coffee supplied

5:30pm: Parish Vigil Mass

6:30pm: Praise & Worship

7:00pm: Testimony - Ann Sweeney

7:15pm: Healing Service

9:00pm: Closing prayers

Questions? Email

New Dawn Scotland - Virtual Conference


Online conference. Watch on YouTube or Facebook. Details on the New Dawn Scotland website.

Friday 28 August

7.00pm     Welcome – Praise and clips from New Dawn International Leaders
7.30pm     Holy Mass
8.15pm     Introduction to Talk 1 The Holy Spirit

Saturday 29 August

10.30am    Welcome - Children’s Ministry and Zoom Session
12.00pm    Welcome - Youth Ministry Pre-recorded talk released
1.30pm      ND Youth ministry  Zoom Session 1
4.00pm      Welcome - Praise – Introduction to Talk 2 Reconciliation
7.00pm      Healing Service to include Talk 3

Sunday 30th August

12.00pm    Welcome - Youth Ministry Pre-recorded talk released
1.30pm      Fr Peter Morris and ND Youth ministry  Zoom Session 2
3.30pm      Welcome - Praise – Introduction to Talk 4 Mary the Mother of the Church
6.00pm      Welcome - Praise – Introduction to Talk 5 Evangelisation
7.00pm      Holy Mass
8.00pm      Closing out the conference – Blessing from the Priests