WATCH: 'Care workers in Scotland deserve better pay'

Archbishop Leo Cushley has highlighted concerns over low pay for care workers in Scotland.

He spoke on Saturday at the General Assembly of the Church of Scotland, attending as ecumenical representative for the Bishops' Conference of Scotland.

Just a few weeks ago the then moderator Dr Iain Greenshields and Archbishop Bill Nolan, my colleague of Glasgow, addressed a meeting to express our churches’ shared concern for care workers.

There are also too few care workers in our country in part because they are so poorly paid.

We all know that the work is intense, emotionally taxing, intimate and time consuming.

Our two churches and their high representatives therefore wish to draw attention to what is called the Fair Pay for Social Care Campaign and I encourage ministers and other faith leaders here today to consider signing the online petition.

A simple but vivid illustration of how our churches have been working together as friends and as brothers and sisters in Christ through our shared understanding of the dignity of the human person and our wish to promote the common good in our land.