GALLERY: Diocesan Day at Carfin

Holy Mass with schools across the Archdiocese took place at Carfin Grotto as part of the Archdiocesan Day (Thursday 29 Sep).

They were joined by parishioners and clergy, including Archbishop Leo Cushley, and there was a chance to venerate the relics of St Bernadette!

(Pictures with logo courtesy of Sancta Familia).

Pupils at Holy Mass in the grotto at Carfin.

The relics of St Bernadette.

Mass procession.

Pupils who took part in Holy Mass.

Sisters from the Carmelite Monastery in Dysart.

St Augustine's, Edinburgh.

St Ninian's, Livingston.

St Patrick's Parish, Cowgate, Edinburgh.

St Margaret's Academy, Livingston.

St Kentigern's, Blackburn.

Our Lady of Lourdes, Blackburn, and Our Lady's, Stoneyburn.

St David's High, Dalkeith.

Holy Rood High, Edinburgh.

Reliquary containing relics of St Bernadette.


Relics of St Bernadette at Carfin!

Today (Thursday 29 Sep) we host our Diocesan Day at Cafin Grotto to celebrate the arrival of the The relics of St Bernadette in Scotland!


8.00am                St Francis Xavier’s Church opens for private prayer

9.00am                Confessions

9.15am                 Morning Prayer of the Church

9.30am                Holy Rosary

10.00am              Holy Mass followed by veneration of the relic

11.00am               Confessions

12.30pm              Holy Rosary

12.30pm              Confessions

1.00pm                Holy Mass followed by veneration of the relic
                              Main Celebrant: Archbishop Leo Cushley  

3.00pm                Liturgy of Water

5.00pm                Stations of the Cross

7.00pm                Holy Hour

8.00pm                Torchlight Procession

9.00pm                Holy Mass


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Sunday: National Pilgrimage in honour of St Joseph

Catholics across the country will head to Carfin on Sunday for the National Pilgrimage in honour of St Joseph.

The annual event takes place at Scotland's National Shrine to Our Lady of Lourdes and will be attended by Archbishop Cushley and his fellow Bishops. The principal celebrant at Mass will be Bishop Brian McGee of Argyll & the Isles.

If you plan to attend, get there early as it is expected to be busy (plus there will be confessions available from 2pm).


National Pilgrimage in Carfin

Join Catholics across the country as we gather in Carfin for the National Pilgrimage in honour of St Joseph, with the Bishops of Scotland.