WATCH: St Catherine, Jane Austen & Friendship

Happy Feast Day of St Catherine of Siena!

Sister Mary Simone RSM, of St Andrew's Convent in Edinburgh, explains in this video how we all need a friend who loves us enough to correct us and tell the truth. Just like Mr Knightley in Jane Austen's novel Emma.

Following St Catherine's example may we all grow to become true friends in Christ.[0]=68.ARC1a7x8QypqDNygDZTJuCi77jWL8hzdYuytpdVJmsSrexlfkD3aGh8t0r2Y-IXDajur445ZR_eiw6CRpEq8gAadywNeGceZrVqPq0XzlXFkPBtKgssk1UJ8sUIksQxuB4ON2kp5PDD55rt5kV778V_k9hMcWWasn7TxuIEgDVrVZ_KNIZ50Xjx6gY3Qwf2ig4p2GUNED8gtIoUomKDFpGu76Nf9iDgp1OLFIba0rbLafSdlPiAv8C3dXp82fE7sYTzzErRLRGiAw8wLHW8yRKN6JkL9AIcuhbhXL4s8mJx1n59c0AcMKCieUAuRsFHqN2DKH8ZDNCbQJk2aVY6GDdIVHzpVmNh_J4A&__tn__=-R