Parishes invited to screen Against the Tide

Parishes are being offered the chance to screen an award-winning documentary that challenges contemporary atheism.

Against the Tide is a travelogue, a science documentary, an excursion into history, an autobiography and more.

But at heart, it is the story of one man’s daring stand against the tide of contemporary atheism and its drive to add belief in God to society’s catalogue of dead ideas. Watch the trailer below or on the official website.


Against the Tide features actor Kevin Sorbo and Professor John Lennox as they explore the case for Christianity against an atheistic worldview while examining the evidence for Jesus raised from the dead.

John Lennox is Professor of Mathematics at Oxford University and an internationally renowned speaker and author of several books on the interface of science, philosophy and religion.

He says: "I have taken a stand against atheism because I am convinced that it is perilously built on false premises and misinterpretations of evidence.

"Some of it is from science and some of it is from history. Properly understood, the evidence inexorably points to the existence of a creator God.”

Archbishop Cushley said: "It is an inspiring watch that challenges head-on the prevailing secular narrative about our existence and the origins of the universe. All Christians should see this film. Sceptics and those seeking the Truth should see it more so.”

Against the Tide can be screened via DVD, Blu-Ray or webstream in church halls at a low cost and Kharis Productions in Hamilton will help ensure it runs smoothly. To find out more contact

Pathways of Hope

Join us at The Gillis Centre in Edinburgh for Pathways of Hope: Catholic Social Teaching and Poverty.

Register at (FREE EVENT)

The aim of the day is to help participants develop:

- A greater awareness of Catholic Social Teaching
- A deeper understanding of the causes, structures and effects of poverty
- A plan to take action on poverty and injustice

There will be talks from Christians Against Poverty Scotland and Justice & Peace Scotland. Doors open from 10:00am for tea/coffee. Please bring packed lunch.

This event is organised by the Archdiocesan Commission for Caritas, Justice & Peace. We look forward to welcoming you. Questions/Queries to

Special event underway at St Mary's Cathedral

A special series of talks takes place at St Mary's Cathedral in Edinburgh beginning on Monday! Register here.

In this video Mgr Patrick Burke takes a deep dive into the background and aim of the event: to help bring us closer to Jesus, by exploring the Gospel of Mark.

WATCH: Holy Mass for Sunday, 8th November

Join Archbishop Leo Cushley for Holy Mass from St Bennett's.  Each Sunday, the Archbishop shares his Mass with the members of the Archdiocese so that the faithful know they are prayed for by their own Archbishop.  Click below to watch.


Why and How to Pray - 6 Ways to Grow

Sister Anna Marie continues to speak on faith and prayer via Zoom for all the deaneries of the Archdiocese of St Andrews and Edinburgh.

Originally planned to be held in parishes within the deaneries, the talks are now held via Zoom to conform with pandemic guidelines.

This coming Monday, 9th November, parishioners from churches in the Falkirk and Stirling deanery are encouraged to sign up.  Invite friends and family to join.  If you missed your deanery, you too can sign up - don't let the opportunity to go deeper in faith pass you by!

Please email to register for the 2 p.m. or 7:30 p.m. session.

Resource: Speaking with Muslims about Christ

It is 800 years since St Francis went to meet the Sultan in Egypt to speak about faith and common values. What can Catholic Christians learn about themselves and about Islam from dialogue today?

Fr Robert Afayori spoke at our busy event titled 'Jesus in the Koran' at the Gillis Centre in Edinburgh on Saturday. Click here to access the fantastic slides which illustrated his talk.

Event seeks to improve dialogue between Christians and Muslims

“Jesus Christ is the subject of controversy between Christians and Muslims,” says Fr Robert Afayori, getting straight to the point.

“Whereas Muslims perceive Him to be a prophet of Allah, for us He is the Son of God and saviour of the world.”

Many Catholics are unsure what Muslims believe about Jesus. Fr Robert wants to put that right. He says a better understanding of what the Koran says about Christ will help improve dialogue between the faiths.

And that’s why he’s hosting a talk next month in Edinburgh to discuss ‘Jesus in the Koran’.

Fr Afayori, parish priest at Our Lady Immaculate and St Margaret’s Church in Duns, will draw on his PhD research on the subject.

He said: “Between the two religions there has been, over centuries, a relationship of claim and counter-claim. Muslims…confess Him to be a prophet of God, and a prophet of God cannot be likened to God himself.

“So it can be controversial. Jesus is acknowledged by the two religions, but perceived in different ways.

“This event will try to highlight the commonality and differences between them and then put forward a new concept of dialogue as an exercise in learning.”

Jesus in the Koran, Saturday 9th November, 11am-3:30pm, Gillis Centre, 100 Strathearn Road, Edinburgh EH9 1BB. Tickets available on Eventbrite or by calling 0131 623 8900.