Voting rights for Church Reps in city

Parishioners and parents in Edinburgh are being asked to contact their councillors to prevent the removal of voting rights for Church Representatives.

Councillors at the City of Edinburgh Council will vote on a motion (addendum) which proposes the removal of voting rights of Church Representatives on its Education, Children and Families Committee later this month.

If this motion is carried it will pose a serious threat to the capacity of the Church to influence decisions regarding Catholic education and Catholic schools in Edinburgh. 

Positive contribution

Angela Campbell, the Church Rep for the Catholic Church in Edinburgh (third from right front row in below pic), said: "In my role I'm supporting and representing the parents who choose to send their children to the 18 schools in the city.

Archbishop Cushley (centre) with education reps for the Archdiocese.

"Having the vote on matters which impact young people in the Catholic schools in Edinburgh is very important as it allows me to make a democratic and positive contribution to the decision making process on educational matters."

We believe that the current setup is fair and reasonable and gives us a voice.

Archbishop Leo Cushley said: "Angela's role ensures that the faith community has a say in decisions which affect our schools.

"It's an important job, so to remove her right to vote means she can't do that job effectively.

"We believe that the current setup is fair and reasonable and gives us a voice.

"Our request to councillors is not to remove the voice of faith communities so that we can continue to work with Edinburgh City Council in a spirit of openness and transparency and friendship."

What to do


Here is the postcard that will be available at all parishes in Edinburgh this weekend.

Watch the video on this issue above or on YouTube.