Praying for all the Faithful Departed

Archbishop Cushley was the principal celebrant at Mass this morning to mark the Commemoration of all the Faithful Departed (All Souls).

He was  joined at Mount Vernon Cemetery in Edinburgh by Fr Dermot Morrin, Fr Thomas-Thérèse Mannion and Fr Matthew Jarvis, Dominicans based at St Albert's Catholic Chaplaincy at the University of Edinburgh (George Square).

Holy Mass for the Commemoration of all the Faithful Departed at Mount Vernon Cemetery Chapel.

Archbishop Cushley said: "We have, both in our Jewish and Christian tradition, a natural longing to wish to pray for the dead. We heard in our reading (2 Machabees 12:38-46) that it is 'a fine and a noble thing to do'. And that's where we stand as Catholics.

"Those of us who have lost someone more recently will feel that more keenly. So let's remind ourselves that is a fine and noble thing to do."

We pray especially for those who have died in the Archdiocese in the last year, including priests and religious:

Canon John McAllister (10 December 2022)
Canon William Conway (26 December 2022)

Fr Duncan Campbell OP (September 2023)

Carmelite Sisters, Dysart
Sr Joan of the Holy Ghost (25 December 2022)
Sr Margaret Mary of the Sacred Heart (7 February 2023)
Sr Mary of the Holy Spirit (28 February 2023)
Sr Jacinta of Christ the King (1 October 2023)

Society of the Sacred Heart
Sr Therese O’Donnell RSCJ 16 July 2023
Sr Rose Harding RSCJ 22 August 2023

Title image from left: Fr Dermot Morrin OP, Archbishop Leo Cushley, Fr Thomas-Thérèse Mannion OP and Fr Matthew Jarvis OP, at Mount Vernon Cemetery.

Archbishop in Bucharest for Family & Life Conference

Archbishop Cushley heads to Bucharest on Sunday for a three-day conference discussing the role of the family in modern day Europe.

It is organised by the Family and Life Commission, which is one of the four commissions of the Council of Bishops’ Conferences of Europe (CCEE).

As president of the commission his role is to co-ordinate its work and support its initiatives.

He will be joined by Fr Nick Welsh, a priest of this Archdiocese, who is secretary to the commission.

Fr Nick said: "The title of the conference is ‘Lord, how can we know the way; the family in Europe today’.

It is hoped that they can offer some ways in which delegates might be able to help, support and sustain families in Europe.

"Those who have been asked to speak this year, including Cardinal Eijk of Utrecht, will share a diagnosis of the situation of the family in Europe.

"It is hoped that they can offer some ways in which delegates, who represent the different bishops’ conferences, might be able to help, support and sustain families in Europe."

Fr Nick is currently vice rector of The Pontifical Scots College in Rome and studying for a PhD at the John Paul II Institute, where he previously gained a licence in Marriage and Family.

Archbishop Cushley said: "We're delighted to have speakers including Cardinal Eijk and Nicola Speranza (Secretary General of Federation of Catholic Family Associations in Europe).

“I'm looking forward to the discussions and I’m honoured to take part."

The CCEE's commissions are: