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Over 100 people have signed up for our FREE six week course on Grace, and we want you to join them!

Grace: The Church’s Hidden Treasure will be hosted by Fr Kevin Douglas (St Peter’s & St Columba’s, Edinburgh) and Sr Anna Marie McGuan RSM (Archdiocesan Advisor on Catechetics) each Monday at 7:30pm, starting 19 April.  We asked Sr Anna Marie McGuan RSM to tell us more in this Q&A...

Why should someone do this course on Grace?
Grace is a word we use a lot in a sort of general way, but it has a specific meaning in the life of faith and in our relationship with God. It’s not a generic idea. It’s actually an awesome thing. To get familiar with grace and how God’s grace is being poured into us in different ways is something worth studying!

Will it be difficult?
Probably, inasmuch as people aren’t super familiar with the writing of Saint Thomas Aquinas. That’s why Father Kevin Douglas and I will be giving a lot of explanatory information as we go through his writings. Once you know some of the background, his writing becomes illuminative.

How much does it cost?
The course is completely free!

Why St Thomas Aquinas?
Nobody knew the writings of the Church Fathers better than him, and no one has organised the discipline of theology in a more lucid way. The Church has been turning to him for 800 years with good reason—he has perennial wisdom and was well known for his sanctity.

What's the format of sessions?
We’ll have about 45 minutes of teaching and going through the Summa Theologiae, followed by Q&A for 15 minutes. Fr Kevin and I will both teach during each session, which lasts an hour. We’ll use the webinar format to keep distractions to a minimum, but that still allows for questions. Sessions will be recorded and sent out to those who register.

The course begins soon - is there still time to register?
Yes, but be quick! Registration closes on Monday morning (19 April).

The webinar course is organised by the Catechetical Commission of the Archdiocese. Register here.