Join Archbishop Cushley in Eucharistic Adoration

Archbishop Cushley invites Catholics to join him for Eucharistic Adoration at St Margaret’s Chapel at the Gillis Centre, 100 Strathearn Road, Edinburgh.

The event is to pray for “insight, courage and joy in our mission,” and takes place 6-7pm on the following Sundays: 18 December, 8 January, 12 February, 12 March.

In the Archdiocesan Synod Report, published earlier this year, he said: "Arising from the synodal process in this Archdiocese, there is, I believe, a real need to deepen the prayer life, the spirituality, and discernment of every individual in this Archdiocese.

"I feel we may have made a start on this process this year by reinvigorating the Forty Hours’ devotion in the Archdiocese, but much remains to be done."

Holy Hour

He added: "To this end, I will institute a monthly Holy Hour at the Gillis Centre to which I invite all the faithful to come and pray with me before Our Lord present in the Blessed Sacrament.

"As it says in the very motto of the City of Edinburgh, Unless the Lord builds the house, those who build it labour in vain (Ps 127:1). Together let us ask the Lord to bless our endeavours and raise up committed disciples in this Archdiocese".

The Working Document of the Continental Stage of the Synod 2021-23 was recently published and can be read here.

Holy Hour with Archbishop Cushley. 6-7pm at St Margaret's Chapel, 18 December, 8 January, 12 February, 12 March. 100 Strathearn Road, Edinburgh, EH9 1BB. No registration required, just turn up. Free parking onsite.