Lourdes pilgrimage 2024: Mass of Welcome

The Mass of Welcome for those attending this summer's Lourdes Pilgrimage takes place at St Cuthbert's Church, Slateford Road, Edinburgh,EH14 1PT on Sunday 16 June 2024 at 3pm. Refreshments in the church hall afterwards.

While the Mass is aimed at those going on the Pilgrimage all are welcome!

Lourdes Pilgrimage 2024

Our Archdiocesan Pilgrimage to Lourdes takes place Friday 5 July to Friday 12 July 2024.

Visit the dedicated website for full details, testimonies and more!

"We would love you to join our team of Lady Helpers who support our Assisted Pilgrims in all aspects of their pilgrimage in the Accueil Marie Saint Frai Lourdes. You do need any specific qualifications, just a willingness to share your time, commitment and faith journey. You will work closely with the medical team, Youth for Lourdes and the Bancardiers for an exhilarating, uplifiting experience." - Bernadette Barry, Chief Lady Helper

"Youth for Lourdes is a group of young people from all across the archdiocese. Join us and be part of the team of helpers who support our Assisted Pilgrims. You'll have the time of your life!" - Scott Mackenzie, Youth for Lourdes

"We invite nurses to join our helper team in Lourdes this July. It's an amazing opportunity to use your skills in a different environment supporting our assisted pilgrims. It's so rewarding and a chance to make lifelong friendships and memories." - Claire Banks, Chief Nurse

Lourdes Mass

The February Mass in honour of Our Lady of Lourdes takes place at 3pm on Sunday 4 February at St John the Baptist Church, 37 St Ninian’s Road, Corstorphine, Edinburgh EH12 8AL. The Mass is organised by the Edinburgh Lourdes Pilgrimage team. Refreshments in hall afterwards. All welcome.

Pilgrimage 2024

The Archdiocesan Pilgrimage to Lourdes will take place from Friday 5 - Friday 12 July, with Archbishop Cushley and Priests of the Archdiocese. More details at www.edinburgh-lourdes.com/lourdes24 

Lourdes 2023 - Reunion Mass

Following a  wonderful pilgrimage to Lourdes last month, please join us for the Lourdes Reunion Mass at 3:00pm on Sunday 27 August in St Cuthbert’s, 104 Slateford Road, EH14 1PT.

This will be a great opportunity to pray together in thanksgiving for the pilgrimage and to catch up with everyone.

GALLERY: Lourdes Pilgrimage 2023

Here are some images from the Archdiocesan Pilgrimage to Lourdes

A statement from the Pilgrimage Committee said: "Our Pilgrimage to Lourdes was truly wonderful, filled with many uplifting spiritual experiences, inspiring and reflective music, prayerful liturgies, and a chance to reunite with old friends and make new ones!"

From left: Canon James Tracey, Mgr Allan Chambers, Fr Martin Eckersley; Fr Jeremy Milne, Canon Jeremy Bath.





Mass of welcome for the Lourdes Pilgrimage

A Mass for those attending the Archdiocesan Pilgrimage to Lourdes this summer. However, all are welcome to attend

WATCH: Join us in Lourdes this summer

Everyone is warmly invited to visit Lourdes on the Archdiocesan pilgrimage from 7-14 July 2023.

Visit www.edinburgh-lourdes.com for full details. Assisted pilgrims are particularly welcome - you will be cared for 24/7 in the dedicated Accuiel Saint Frai by a dedicated team of doctors, nurses and support workers.

All medical conditions can be accommodated and insurance is included. Financial assistance may be available. Email edinburghlourdes@gmail.com

WATCH: Faith and fun at HCPT Lourdes pilgrimage

Archbishop Leo Cushley has joined hundreds of children in Lourdes as part of HCPT’s Easter Pilgrimage.

Nearly 2,500 people from across the UK, including disabled and disadvantaged children, are at the pilgrimage which includes groups from Edinburgh and Fife.

Archbishop Cushley, the charity's president, said: "People from across the world visit Lourdes with HCPT because they have seen the way they love and look after children.

"The pilgrimage gives children a holiday as well as an experience of Christ's love for them.

"Volunteers set aside a lot of time, effort, energy and love for children with special needs. It's very moving and it's very fun.

"I'm honoured to be the HCPT president and pleased to have the chance to express profound gratitide for the work it does."

Also at the pilgrimage is Fr Jamie Boyle of St Mary's Parish in Stirling.

HCPT (Hosanna House and Children’s Pilgrimage Trust) is a charity registered in England & Wales and in Scotland. Its first Easter pilgrimage was back in 1956.

Stay in touch with the pilgrimage by following HCPT on Facebook or visit the website.

Lourdes 2023: Join us this summer!

Join us for the annual Archdiocesan pilgrimage to Lourdes, which takes place 7-14 July 2023.

Check out the below video (also on YouTube) and visit www.edinburgh-lourdes.com for all the details you need. We look forward to welcoming you!

Register YOUR interest for life-enhancing Lourdes pilgrimage

If you want to take part in a life-enhancing Pilgrimage to the holy site of Lourdes in France this summer, let the organisers know!

The Pilgrimage Committee is appealing for potential pilgrims to register their interest by filling out this online form.

Dr Monica Bald, Chief Pilgrimage Doctor, said: "We are trying to make a decision regarding our commitment to travelling to Lourdes this year.

"Rather than asking people to apply at this point, we are asking Pilgrims to ‘Express an Interest’ to help us make an informed decision.


She added: "It is impossible for us to make any travel completely risk free and we cannot guarantee a COVID-19 free Pilgrimage. However, we hope to reduce and mitigate this risk as much as possible as we learn to more forward and ‘Live with COVID’.

"Although we know that the Archdiocesan Lourdes Pilgrimage will feel very different to any previous Pilgrimages, we are confident that we will be guided by Our Lady of Lourdes in our desire to answer her call to travel in Pilgrimage.

Dr Bald's letter can be read at the Edinburgh Lourdes website, which also includes a Q&A and other details about the pilgrimage.