GALLERY: Venerable Margaret Sinclair Pilgrimage

People gathered at St Patrick's in Edinburgh on Sunday for the Annual National Venerable Margaret Sinclair Pilgrimage.

The event is to pray for the beatification of Margaret Sinclair (1900-1925), a woman who grew up in the Cowgate and attended St Patrick's Church.

Margaret displayed an example of holiness amid the ordinariness of working class life. Read her story here.

The tomb of the nun is located at the Church and each year people from across Scotland gather to pray there.

Pope Paul VI declares that Margaret practised the Christian virtues to a heroic degree and she was given the title: ‘The Venerable Margaret Sinclair’.

In 2015 Archbishop Cushley relaunched the campaign to beatify Venerable Margaret and appointed Fr Joseph McAuley of the Archdiocese of Glasgow to be his Episcopal Delegate for the Promotion of the Cause of Venerable Margaret Sinclair.

The Pilgrimage included a Holy Hour, a reflection, benediction and Mass celebrated by Archbishop Cushley.

All pictures: Sancta Familia Media.

WATCH: Sinclair Academy set to open in Winchburgh

Archbishop Cushley was given a tour of the impressive Sinclair Academy in Winchburgh, West Lothian, by its headteacher Gerry Burns. Watch the video below or on YouTube.


Mr Burns said: "The school is named after (Venerable) Margaret Sinclair, so our school values are very much about her - aspiration, integrity, mercy and service -
and it's really about our young people, where we develop a faith life in a school.

The Archbishop was here to visit the new school and it's so exciting at this point that he's involved with that with us just now.

"It's really important for us that the Archdiocese is key to what we do as a Catholic school moving forward.

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Venerable Margaret Sinclair Pilgrimage

The Annual Margaret Sinclair Pilgrimage is a time of prayer, stillness and reflection to ask for her intercession and that she may be Scotland's next 'blessed'.