Listen: Schola Cantorum's debut album now online!

The impressive debut album from the Schola Cantorum of St Mary's Cathedral in Edinburgh is now available to listen to online.

'With Angels and Archangels' can be streamed on Apple Music, Amazon Music and Spotify after a CD release last year proved popular.


Michael Ferguson, Director of Music at the Cathedral, said: "The music was was recorded by our young and versatile quartet and is inspired by 800 years of sacred music and two millenia of Catholic worship.
"The celebration of Mass is at the very centre of our musical and spiritual life at the Cathedral so it's no coincidence that all the works on the album have at one moment or another formed part of the sounsdscape of our liturgies."
Rory Lamb, a member of the Schola Cantorum, said: "The album gives a chance to showcase a whole breadth of Catholic music and to show what the church has produced and is still producing and singing today."
Listen to the album at

WATCH: Pensioner's cheeky comment inspires priest's music sessions

A priest has revealed how a pensioner's cheeky comment sparked the idea to play his accordian on Facebook for parishioners during lockdown.

Now Fr Chris Heenan's daily music sessions are attracting a range of requests - including polkas, waltzes and reels - from traditional Scottish music fans across the UK (continues below).[0]=68.ARDjks9j0xajFPc3yl_SpbjMYFVbpQ2goEH4wWY9PTM9grrl98U_As2jevbfzAn-ntN9C_Ga3dcv9HXq6fWAeY1g6SNG6QJ4BKppvLT-jx-XPttrjB9yBQFepRNjbMAu1Laph17Tq-KjjtvKPW35FSAQCdYCMCss0BTZMyLDhVuzhNf8RXMckmTHBKemdDO8z1Kfnv55AYVOjuQ7yRyxo1T8WOOa9FOQo2LDSRzWmqKW3aH9BDB9sVTwLZxpdPEy-jg5GRvk2caEFi_POqw_-Fh-yS70tGPocpI3Qigp0qIlzFs2gc1swfWE2JAffMCBGkZSCfvOBkUlTAmwisdHao8FV8sasSC_B-Q&__tn__=-R


Fr Heenan, parish priest at St Margaret's in Dunfermline, said: "I started because I remembered I did a service in a nursing home and after it, I noticed a keyboard there for someone to play hymns...after the service I gave them a few Scottish tunes and this old lady looked at me and said, 'Son, you're better at that than you are at the other stuff!'

"So I thought 'there are plenty of spiritual reflections out there, let's try some music'. Music can take us away from our worries and cares and brings us joy and happiness."

If you're on Facebook, you can watch Fr Heenan's music sessions here. He also streams daily Mass on YouTube - click here.


This Saturday: come to our music day!

How important is music to Mass?

"It's a really a crucial aspect of the liturgy," says Michael Ferguson, Director of Music at St Mary's Catholic Cathedral in Edinburgh. "It add to the holiness of Mass and the majesty of the liturgy."

That's why he's joining James Greechan, Director of Music at St Patrick's, Kilsyth, to host this special free event. It's for anyone who contributes (or wants to contribute) music to Mass, either by singing, leading a choir or playing an instrument.

James, a student of music, said: "It's a gorgeous way of praying, to help our fellow parishioners to grow in holiness through the music that we play. It's great joy to do as well.

"This day is to give them the sense that they are not alone, that there's help and that great things can be achieved in a parish.

Michael added: "The day is open to everybody, whether or not you're actively involved in music.

Both men will be giving advice on how to improve your music offering while you can share your own tips on what works in your parish. Book your place now at eventbrite by clicking here.

Living Church Music, 10:30am - 3:00pm, Saturday 14 September, Gillis Centre, 100 Strathearn Road, Edinburgh, EH9 1BB.