VIDEO: Catholics encouraged to watch The Veil Removed

Catholics across the Archdiocese are being urged to watch a new short film that shows the truth, beauty and majesty of Holy Mass.

The Veil Removed is "reveals the coming together of heaven and earth at Mass, as seen by saints and mystics, revealed by scripture and in the catechism of the Catholic Church".

Archbishop Leo Cushley said: “The Veil Removed is beautifully shot and offers us a glimpse of what we believe with our hearts and minds but cannot see with our eyes: that Jesus is truly present in the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass and what we consume in the form of bread and wine is the body and blood of Christ our saviour.

"We must never forget that Holy Mass is a sacred and profound experience and that the Eucharist is truly the ‘source and summit’ of our Faith.“

Fr Daniel Doherty, who leads the Archdiocesan Commission for Catechetics, added: “I would urge all Catholics in the Archdiocese to watch this short film. I would particularly ask parents to show it to their children so they can visualise and better understand the reality of Holy Mass. The film’s makers wanted to produce a faithful representation of the beauty of the Eucharist and they have done a great job.”

Chris Magruder, the founding member of The Veil Removed, said: "As a cradle Catholic who has continued to learn the Catholic faith, I continue to be surprised by the beauty and magnificence of the faith. When I began learning what happens behind the veil at Mass, my whole Mass experience changed.

"Suddenly I wanted to be in Mass daily and encounter the power and graces that come from receiving Jesus.  It is the Lord’s desire to remind all people of the beauty and the truths of the Mass. And thus The Veil Removed has been born!

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