How important is music to Mass?

"It's a really a crucial aspect of the liturgy," says Michael Ferguson, Director of Music at St Mary's Catholic Cathedral in Edinburgh. "It add to the holiness of Mass and the majesty of the liturgy."

That's why he's joining James Greechan, Director of Music at St Patrick's, Kilsyth, to host this special free event. It's for anyone who contributes (or wants to contribute) music to Mass, either by singing, leading a choir or playing an instrument.

James, a student of music, said: "It's a gorgeous way of praying, to help our fellow parishioners to grow in holiness through the music that we play. It's great joy to do as well.

"This day is to give them the sense that they are not alone, that there's help and that great things can be achieved in a parish.

Michael added: "The day is open to everybody, whether or not you're actively involved in music.

Both men will be giving advice on how to improve your music offering while you can share your own tips on what works in your parish. Book your place now at eventbrite by clicking here.

Living Church Music, 10:30am - 3:00pm, Saturday 14 September, Gillis Centre, 100 Strathearn Road, Edinburgh, EH9 1BB.