Young Catholics in the Archdiocese are highlighting the social and spiritual benefits of getting together on pilgrimage.

They are helping promote the National Catholic Youth Pilgrimage, taking place in St Andrews on Saturday 31st August.

A social media campaign has been launched to boost the event.

Victoria Stephens, a parishioner at St Cuthbert’s in Edinburgh, said: “For me, it’s a great way to form a network of Catholic friends who can give you support in your daily life and where you can be yourself.”

Ciaran McGonigle, from Our Lady & St Bridget’s Parish in West Calder, said: “Journeying together on pilgrimage deepens our understanding of the path that God is calling us to.”

Fr Jamie McMorrin, priest at St Mary’s Cathedral in Edinburgh, said: “People have been coming to St Andrews on pilgrimage for more than a thousand years.

“The young people who are the future of the church in this country are keeping this historic tradition alive today. It’ll be a great way to meet other young Catholics, have a lot of fun and, most importantly, draw closer to Jesus who calls us all – like Andrew – to follow Him.”

Melissa Marshall, who attends St Patrick’s Parish in the Cowgate, Edinburgh, recently returned from the Archdiocesan Pilgrimage to Lourdes, which she has attended six times. She said: “A pilgrimage is a time to pray, reflect and share your faith with different people.”

Archbishop Leo Cushley added: "Young people are looking again for an authentic expression of the Catholic faith, that is true to its roots in Scotland and in communion with the universal church.

"St Andrew is one natural and historic link we have with all of that, and so I think we are going to have an uplifting, enriching experience in St Andrews. It’ll be an adventure too, as all pilgrimages are!"

The National Catholic Youth Pilgrimage is for people aged 16-30 and begins at St James’ Church Hall, The Scores, at 12pm. Pilgrims will be welcomed by Archbishop Cushley before a visit to historical sites and churches. Mass will be celebrated in the grounds of St Andrews Cathedral at 3pm. To book a place email