Marriage Preparation Courses

Course dates for 2022

The course will take place over a Friday evening (7:00pm – 9:00pm) and Saturday (10:30am – 3:30pm). The Friday evening session takes place online and the Saturday session at the Gillis Centre.

To register for a course please use the application form and return by email to (0131 623 89012) or by post to the Gillis Centre, 100 Strathearn Road, Edinburgh, EH9 1BB

Course dates

Friday/Saturday 23/24 September 2022

Friday/Saturday 25/26 November 2022

Friday/Saturday 24/25 February 2023

Friday/Saturday 24/25 March 2023

Friday/Saturday 21/22 April 2023

Friday/Saturday 26/27 May 2023 

Friday/Saturday 29/30 September 2023 

Friday/Saturday 27/28 October 2023 


The Course 

A marriage preparation course is a requirement for those wishing to be married in the Catholic Church. This course seeks to lead couples to a greater understanding of God’s plan for marriage and his call to live this beautiful vocation as fully, freely and fruitfully as possible.

Couples are invited also to reflect on some important aspects of growing and sustaining their relationship including sacraments, prayer, good communication and managing conflict. It also presents the Marriage Rite, emphasising the importance and significance of the vows made in the church, before God, family and friends.

Sessions are led by Fr Jeremy Milne, Vicar Episcopal for Marriage & Families, and presented by clergy and married couples.

If you have any issues, please contact Fr Jeremy Milne on 0131 334 1693 or