Catholics are being asked to make their voices heard by responding to a Scottish Government consulation on 'conversion practices'.

The new law proposes banning ‘conversion practices’, which are broadly defined as practices which aim to change a person’s sexual orientation or gender identity.

The Government claims such a law is needed to catch “the most serious and harmful forms of conversion practices”.

The Catholic Church unequivocally condemns violent, abusive, coercive practices.

The proposals, however, risk criminalising innocent, harmless behaviour, including the mainstream pastoral work of churches, and parental guidance given lovingly and in good faith.

It is vital that Catholics and all those concerned for freedom of expression, religious freedom and the rights of parents, respond to this consultation.

What to do

The Catholic Parliamentary Office has prepared a guide to help you answer the questions in the consulatation. Find it here:

The closing date for responses is Tuesday 2 April 2024