Archbishop Leo Cushley has announced the launch of morning video reflections for 'daily encouragement and prayer' during the coronavirus lockdown.

The videos will be posted on Facebook each morning at 8am in the lead up to Easter. The first came this morning (Monday) from Fr Basil Clark, of Our Lady of Loretto & St Michael's in Musselburgh (see below).

Archbishop Cushley said: “It’s always important to start the day with a prayer. These brief reflections will help us focus on Christ in the morning and prepare us for the day ahead, particularly at this time.

"I’ve invited a variety of Catholic voices to take part who will provide a dose of daily encouragement and prayer."

Also taking part this week are Fr Jamie McMorrin, Canon Hugh White, Sr Mary Pierre Wilson RSM, Sr Mirjam Hugens FSO and Fr William Pearsall SJ.

Each reflection ends with a recitation of the Memmorare after Archbishop Cushley encouraged all Catholics to pray the prayer each day to Our Lady, Health of the Sick, for the intention of an to the current pandemic.[0]=68.ARDKZBdjoil2XOWuW4QImulM3-iSesstb0_kas8Ylx2mqLN_G6I8poakb8PiYp7RLnCnxg1CRxVsekUT54peumTU_QXm5OzpHRcHkYiUTzUER89_3XQN1ZXygi3ptP4YmKbgNtw_xETA0FPZm9A_Pl-lfSGZ3hBniwl4cenmEGD0YnInEnTjkQLNv4x72EXDH7juSVWTEXIrO-xLEIiV4u3y_RT5olRnWtPjwTj6a4vdS8BQR8gBEfPe6WYC8K1YDmgoE6KLWkZo0t5SuvXQLkJk5LYv1TWz1ebIHbsdKxKBNit7dwXAwsUFqkJvSq4EjGc9ilHzLL9KJueOAg4YMh26rDSXZ648hMQ&__tn__=-R