People across Scotland have inundated the BBC with positive feedback about Priest School - leading the channel to extend the programme's  availability on iPlayer.

The documentary, which follows the lives of seminarians at the Pontifical Scots College in Rome, drew a TV audience of 80,000 people. That was an eight per cent share on BBC Scotland on Sunday night – the highest audience for any digital channel in Scotland.

To put that in context, when BBC Scotland's flagship drama River City had its first airing on the BBC Scotland digital channel, it got a maximum of 30,000 viewers, which was considered a good showing.[0]=68.ARAqD_6EeoCcpuT3NsJ8lxnaUvSZ2s0ZwTXRczimZ5jwOqMg4NxzhR-ZSVKvXO5bX4fsdbJijkIRa08FNTZfZkThMycexmJ3rI1woIDemArxTb8UiE6YgmqhuZghjjZsTedVHQ1ufk2lgvu7Md4wXMwxmVsaIdSTC617fwQavhqVvaWCyMZKTOqxb3AaY-NIJu7SwARqMszsartb66sgwtgFXF5JbX29GhDzNGK2hWPetreFNU0gCrj7yI1ENOHOobm_D83URtQ9MUp7peqBKQnxY3sTALbND700ytnwGVt4k4zaeCzd5nfSZxthObwYJ6coeyKuVu97E6qFx8N3-gfxQL2L9HYF3wI&__tn__=-R

A spokesperson for the Scottish Catholic Media Office said: "This is an incredible result for early figures.

"I'm told BBC Scotland has been inundated with positive feedback and the programme will be on the iPlayer for 11 months rather than the usual 30 days from now."

He added: "Priest School will pick up more figures and statistics on the BBC iPlayer, so please encourage people to watch it again on catch up via the BBC iplayer which will improve the viewing record further.

Watch Priest School here. Submit your positive feedback to the BBC about the programme here.

There is growing support for Sunday Mass to be broadcast live on BBC Scotland during the Coronavirus lockdown. If you back this please contact the BBC directly.  Email