The 28th United Nations Climate Change Conference begins on 30 November.

Bishop Bill Nolan, President of Justice and Peace for BCOS and Archbishop of Glasgow, has issued the following statement and prayer.

Loss and Damage: A Call to Action

"At COP26 in Glasgow, one of the biggest disappointments was the failure to agree a fund for Loss and Damages.

"Countries which are most vulnerable to climate change and yet the least responsible, need financial support from industrialised countries who were, and continue to be, responsible for gas emissions.

"A Dialogue was set-up to continue the conversation. At COP27 in Egypt no conclusion was brought to this dialogue.

"Now is the moment for world leaders to take responsibility for the damage caused by climate change especially affecting the smallest and most vulnerable countries.

"COP28 in the United Arab Emirates should not be mere talk but take decisive action to create a robust fund to aid those struggling with climate change that threatens their very existence.

"May those taking part in the Conference be strategists capable of considering the common good and the future of their children, more than the short-term interests of certain countries or businesses. In this way, may they demonstrate the nobility of politics and not its shame. (Laudate Deum 60)

"I pray that the hearts and consciences of all participants will be sensitive and open to the cries of the poor and weak and I entrust them to the intercession of St Andrew, our patron saint, on whose feast day COP28 will begin in Dubai.

Archbishop William Nolan,
President of Justice and Peace
Bishops’ Conference of Scotland

The Office for the Care of Creation has information on what is available in assisting the move away from fossil fuels to renewable energy sources and what funding sources exist to support approved projects. See here.

Office For Care of Creation Overview Ahead of COP28

As we approach Pope Francis attending the next United Nations Climate Conference in the United Arab Emirates, the Bishops’ Conference of Scotland would like to take this opportunity to remind dioceses and parishes about the Office for Care of Creation and how it aims to support Catholics in Scotland in working to care for our common home. The attached flyer gives an overview of the purpose of the Office along with advice for taking action. Please share it with parish or diocesan groups, particularly Justice and Peace groups, Laudato Si groups,  or SCIAF groups, or with any parishioners interested in sustainability. The flyer can also be printed and attached to notice boards but we would ask that only a minimal amount of flyers are printed and that they are otherwise shared electronically. There is also a flyer outlining some advice and tips for exploring renewable energy solutions including potential grants or funding. Our friends at Eco Congregation Scotland may be able to advise further.