The Bishops’ Conference of Scotland has issued the following Easter Message.

"As we celebrate Easter this year we cannot escape the suffering inflicted upon us by the Covid-19 Virus. The pandemic is afflicting the whole world and we pray for all those who have caught the virus, their loved ones and those caring for them.

"Our lives are greatly restricted and on Easter Sunday, the holiest day of the Christian calendar, we will not be able to go to church. It is hard to find hope in the present situation, but as Christians, we know that the risen Lord is our hope. His suffering death and resurrection give us hope that we will recover, that life will get better and that our nation will feel the peace and love of the risen Christ.

"We also have hope in the ingenuity and the generosity of humanity. Though many uncertainties lie ahead, our hope and our determination to recover the lives we once lived is strong.

"We are grateful to all those who work in healthcare and supply the essential services we rely on. We especially give thanks for the commitment and compassion of our medical professionals and we pray that all their decisions will respect the lives of the most vulnerable, entrusted to their care.

"We pray too for the researchers around the world working to develop a vaccine and for our political leaders who must make difficult decisions.

"May God bless you all and our world this Easter."

Bishop Hugh Gilbert
Bishop John Keenan
Bishop Brian McGee
Archbishop Philip Tartaglia
Archbishop Leo Cushley
Bishop Joseph Toal
Bishop William Nolan
Bishop Stephen Robson