Join Fr Jamie McMorrin & Sr Anna Marie McGuan RSM as they journey through Lent in this online talk series.

They will focus on Jesus via the remarkable Servant Songs of Isaiah. Over 100 people watched last night's session, below (or watch on YouTube).

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Week 2 talk


Week 1 talk

The event
The talks are titled 'The Servant Songs of Isaiah'. Each talk takes place on Zoom webinar and the full event lasts no longer than one hour.

The talks take place on the following dates:
- Wed 1 Mar, 7:30pm.
- Wed 8 Mar, 7:30pm.
- Wed 15 Mar, 7:30pm.
- Wed 22 Mar, 7:30pm.

The speakers
Fr Jamie is parish priest of St Margaret's in Davidson's Mains, Edinburgh.
Sr Anna Marie is a Religious Sister of Mercy based at St Andrew's Convent in Ravelston, Edinburgh.

How to register
Simply click here and complete the registration form (takes 30 secs).

To make the most of each session, we invite you to read a text for each week beforehand:

- Reading for 1 March is here.
- Reading for 8 March is here.
- Reading for 15 March is here.
- Reading for 22 March is here.

We will post each session on our YouTube channel the following day.