A religious sister who has helped support hundreds of women and their babies will share her experience at an online event that aims to establish a new pregnancy support service for the Archdiocese.

Our Pro-Life Office is inviting parishioners to join the Zoom session next month where Sr Roseann Reddy will reveal the tips and tricks that have helped her run the Cardinal Winning Pro-Life Initiative in Glasgow for over 20 years.

Paul Atkin, the Archdiocesan pro-life officer, is inviting anyone who wants to help support the new initiative to take part.

He said: "Join us online on 5th September and your contribution could change lives. We'd like to hear from you at this meeting as it's our first step to providing real choices to help women keep their children.

"You might be a mum who wants to help other women experiencing pregnancy for the first time, or a medical professional with specific skills. We are also looking for people with experience in administration, fundraising or driving."

Pregnancy Support: How Can I Help? is a free online event taking place from 10:30am-1pm on Saturday 5th September. To register and find out more click here.