Congratulations to Tom McEvoy, who was ordained to the permanent Diaconate at St Mary's Cathedral, Edinburgh, on Saturday.

Tom (main pic, left), a parishioner at Sacred Heart & St Margaret Parish, Penicuik, was joined by wife Anne as well as family and friends

Douglas Robertson, a parishioner at St Michael’s, Linlithgow, was instituted as a Lector, a step on the way to the diaconate.

They said: "We thank everyone, most especially our wives, Margaret and Anne, and our families, for loving us, guiding us, helping us and praying for us on our journeys to this special day. Please ontunue to do so.

"We pray for all of you and, as we also thank Jesus, Mary and Joseph, we ask them to guide and protect you always. God bless."


All images by Paul McSherry

Deacon Tom, left, with Archbishop Cushley and Douflas Robertson.