The annual Day of Prayer for those who have suffered abuse is marked each year on the Friday following Ash Wednesday (this year 24 Feb).

BCOS has published material for parishes to use as a holy-hour style Service of Acknowledgment, Prayer and Reflection, although certain excerpts may also be used at Mass that day..

Archbishop Cushley has asked clergy to use the National Safeguarding Prayer at Mass that day to "hold in prayer all those who have experienced abuse".

Lord Jesus,
we praise you for calling us to the service of others.

We pray for a generosity of spirit
to ensure the vulnerable are protected.

We pray for a compassionate heart
so that we will reach out to those who are wounded by abuse.

We pray for courage and determination
as we seek the safety of everyone in our parish communities.

We dedicate ourselves to this work of service
and pray that you will help us to do your will at all times and in all places. Amen.

Grief to Grace Retreat

A forthcoming national retreat will offer support and healing for survivors of abuse.

Grief to Grace - Healing the Wounds of Abuse takes place at Schoenstatt Retreat Centre, Campsie Glen, from Monday 26 June to Saturday 1 July.

It is a five-day programme of spiritual and psychological healing for anyone who has suffered any form of abuse, including clerical and religious abuse.

The team delivering the retreat includes Fr Dominic Allain, Sr Andrea Fraile and a registered psychotherapist, all of whom have delivered the retreat successfully many times.

Fr Dominic Allain, the pastoral director for Grace to Grief, was invited to address the Bishops' Conference of Scotland (BCOS) at their autumn plenary in Salamanca last year.

The Bishops, including Archbishop Leo Cushley, approved the programme and plans were put in place to launch a Grief to Grace retreat in Scotland.

A spokesperson for Grief to Grace said: "The process is grounded in Scripture, the Sacraments and prayer, enabling you to open your deepest wounds to the healing power of Christ the Divine Physician.

"However, this retreat programme has also been expertly and lovingly designed to make a path for that healing using therapeutic tools from the most up-to-date psychology and treatment of trauma. "

'Grief to Grace - Healing the Wounds of Abuse' takes place at Schoenstatt Retreat Centre, Campsie Glen from Monday 26 June to Saturday 1 July. Contact Sr Andrea Fraile: for full details. Cost: £400 (assistance available for those who cannot afford it, no-one will be turned away for cost reasons).