The rising cost of living presents an ongoing challenge to people and families across Scotland, with many struggling to make ends meet.

As part of its response to this situation, the Scottish Government has launched a campaign promoting a new website that brings together in one place information on support, grants, benefits and advice, in order to help people find what support they may be entitled to.

  • Household expenses, rents and travel costs are increasing and many people are finding it difficult to pay their bills. In some cases you may be eligible for benefits or schemes that could help.
  • Energy bills are rising, but in many cases help and financial support may be available to help heat homes more efficiently and reduce heating bills. It’s important to reach out for support if it’s needed.
  • Income. Many people are worried about money just now. There are benefits, grants, and free services available which may help you increase your income.
  • For parents. From free school meals or help with day-to-day costs, you could be eligible for support.
  • Debt. If you're worried about money or how to deal with debt, you're not alone. Anyone can find themselves overwhelmed by financial worries, but there's support and advice available to help you.
  • Rising costs can have a bigger impact on some people including older people, disabled people and those who care for them. Make sure you're getting all the assistance you're entitled to.
  • Rent. If you rent your home, you have rights such as being protected from unfair evictions or rent increases.

Visit for more information.