Josh Moir will be ordained to the priesthood tonight (Tuesday 28 June) at Our Lady & St Andrew's Church in Galashiels.

You can watch the Mass live on the Facebook page of the parish here.

We spoke to Josh recently to ask him about his preparations for the priesthood.

What preparations take place ahead of ordination?
Along with practical planning I'm keen to find some days of quiet in the immediate run-up to ordination to the priesthood. I'm grateful to my parish which has been really helpful in making all the necessary arrangements as that gives me the chance to relax a little and spend time in prayer with the Lord.

What happens at an ordination?
I will be made a priest by Archbishop Leo Cushley laying his hands on my head. As a priest, I will be able to celebrate Mass for the people, hear. Confessions, anoint the sick and the dying, and will share in the Archbishop's mission to guide the people of God. Having made promises to God at the time of my ordination to the diaconate, I will make further promises related to the priesthood, as well as renewing my promise to obedience.

What are you most looking forward to in your ministry?
The very notion of celebrating Mass is something I find very moving, and in a special way I look forward to spreading God's mercy and forgiveness as a confessor.

What happens next?
I will be heading back to Rome for a final year of study. I hope that I will be of some use to the guys who are continuing in formation at the Scots College.

What advice would you give someone discerning a vocation?
Go before the Lord in prayer, and ask Him how best you might serve Him. If thoughts of the priesthood continue then talk it through with a priest or speak to the vocations director for the Archdiocese.

Josh Moir will be ordained to the priesthood on Tuesday 28 June at Our Lady & St Andrew's Church in Galashiels. If you are interested in finding our more about the priesthood contact Fr Andrew Garden on 0131 663 4286, For the religious life, contact Sr Mirjam Hugens FSO on 0131 623 8902,