Ths morning, Archbishop Cushley appeared on BBC Scotland to give his Thought for the Day. Full transcript below.[0]=68.ARA8tuiheJbyYpQV-evk8Rwl1iRzkUxGZboUNDe72WVbjmAQaA2IXJ2FZNVNhhMsjDMXy9AxEoIY1RhewpnicIHsicq3xKEruHyzqqUGA94vZkspQ3whhsIgagzfGV1TKehUdiroHAlwpZjAz6wxtxCaO6C_kO3gM6Fd2HbC7ZfA6fiZfWybJZFMR0UgTtitlPboStt3HpLpZOr7XPJh9mS-04X74O1imiqJzFqxUsH2uKfiyz9iCTBSZEGQYjDbcTJUUth8RHVfvA31ZsRkSZjoHEMlPpGp1LBA4IOAVcOi_DejtAz8wo6c_8YccsgnKzRKDtP3DFhIKw_ZHYpx70fNDNwyOGQzKp4&__tn__=-R

"It’s about 20 years since the Lord of the Rings hit the movie screens.  I loved both the books and the movies, great stuff.  Early on in the trilogy, just as the great adventure is getting under way, the late Ian Holm, as Bilbo Baggins, says to his nephew Frodo, 'It’s a dangerous business, Frodo, going out your front door.  You never know what’s going to happen to you,' – or words to that effect.

"I was jumping on my bike the other day and I hadn’t decided yet where I was going to go: I’m not a big cyclist but during the pandemic, it’s a great way to get out the house, get some fresh air and exercise – and even do a bit of shopping, all in one go.

"I never decide, until the very last minute, which way I’m going to turn or where I’m going to go: providing I’m away for about an hour, I’m happy going in any direction.  But even so, just by chance, and letting the road take me here and there in the city, I’ve had near misses and close scrapes… So, was Bilbo right? Is it a dangerous business, going out your front door?

"The events of the past three months have been strange and sobering. None of us had ever experienced anything like this, and yet now we’re getting used to it.  Last year, this would have been unimaginable, but now we’re all (experts on) familiar with social distancing and R- numbers.

"We’re not quite out of the woods yet.  So perhaps this is still a moment to see and feel the wisdom of Bilbo’s remark.  Going out the door with a wee bit more care wouldn’t do us any harm.  We’re all looking forward to the next Phase - when we can venture further afield - but meantime, we’d do well to continue to go about our business with a care for each other – and, taking Bilbo’s advice, to keep our head as we go out the door…

"Every blessing to you, and keep each other safe!"