Here is a selection of ten sites we hope will help you through lockdown - offering inspiration, resources and information. Simply click the title below (in red) to visit the sites.

Sancta Familia

John Patrick Mallon and Brian Timmons are the go-to guys in Scotland for top Catholic video content. Sancta Familia are currently posting a series of 'Life under Lockdown' interviews with a variety of people across Scotland and the UK. Visit their Facebook page here.[0]=68.ARA8snuFiauYAfQfcZTe4buZMPcH9bOamlMqDUcpmR3AJL0PdwHndplhcPmio5H1RvYZ5aU3A63BBs87MHsLiUE0ZAdmIuzpvkZCmY73wf3EROMbsOgvgK_W-vii6ZwjrqWOtQfhYnv5YpJN6p3ab5IkP9u_dlkOVikpnxwyczGQFaJ1cgNil4nz-8Fn2D8-TtdRS8YWHOM7SizSxmEl6XXzfz7TjYRVrG5umi8KoSpITunACJiqWV3Ig6DQ1-XfvqhysGxXVlt1KSEKcoyENxSAYIbjV04JLIRwPqNdfHF0B-N9qv0g344eFmizQb8C0YQME1dGtmd8M1N_-Wl0xTwGQoG24dFVwo_LVw&__tn__=-R

Shalom World

Shalom World offers live Masses, news and programmes and is fast becoming one of the best Catholic websites. A new talk series with Robert Falzon starts tonight (Monday 27 April) at 9pm. It will show how hope and faith in Jesus enables us to overcome the uncertainties we face during the coronavirus pandemic (see below trailer).

Aid to the Church in Need

ACN is a charity supporting persecuted Catholics across the world. They also provide a wide range of educational resources for Catholic families. Its Child’s Bible Project is supported by Archbishop Cushley and is a great way to ensure your children get familiar with scripture in an accessible and child friendly way. The resource can be found by clicking here.[0]=68.ARAmBFX89xrjT4T6lhtXgvMxCiGdSFHRjMEb197I22DivP7tnY-ZbhhXcjRbPLBGTaECHcvMglErskLs39cLk6rsJsx9zGIP8VYeamrCt5lSU2dLh4fYwuT8pLq6eEO6cjX22OLQx4OOwnGC5Pll7W1jtvcYOzAz_ibRrd6F5jSLKMe0J5XxJAdIWh2v6OFhWHjjN9bPeTVQp_7_02ozB86z8aCkZLxF6LArUokWaejl6jPblJcJqYQp3FE3WjvQfYRsrjdumjUEvzv68kLkOQVw2d2m5NBhOPSW3fnipjtJFpZyKo4uLnyok3eSLuIgocie3K1e35M0RFRUXd-kxfLnGVqt_GxGAp0&__tn__=-R

Vatican News

The latest news and resources from the heart of the Catholic Church in Rome. The Dicastry for Communication of the Holy See recenty made available a new book (PDF) 'Strong in the Face of Tribulation', it contains prayers, supplications and the Pope’s homilies aimed to offer “support in a time of trial”. Read or download it here.

The Catholic Parliamentary Office for Scotland's website has brilliant resources on Catholic Social Teaching and where to find streamed Masses during lockdown. It's the place to go to find out what's happening in politics and its impact on Catholic life.


ChurchPOP is a Christian culture site that’s 'fun, informative, and inspirational'. Its aim is to 'make holy all things!'. A great resource, especially for young adults.

Scottish Catholic Observer

Keep up to date with everything that's happening in the church in Scotland with our national Catholic newspaper's website.

This American site celebrates Catholic motherhood and has family resources, cooking tips, tech tips and articles from a range of contributors. Perfect for mums looking for a mix of faith-based articles and practical support.[0]=68.ARBsEdxSKXmDxN240DIJvdugyJ4PG58Wy5ifpCOiVxtVc48OgwAVJd97BW4pETYa4_X8QKgsJjdeUgJL-oNpeGHlIt79WzywE_owymmPCofHWZ8UxxTtGFr8tv_t4SMt8HBFkJdsff4NheKRJ3pHv71SHqVddtKF6jqzfksDbfODCvMNnprJuMvm4jcR7L_46aWZrBY_IEiywTsaJ9G8UQJNAPu5gzrd-kJEohfSVTtUsOzWeI7aJPhmqGDaenidLKomZqxZnvIDanEUJMf_mL-Jx0yy1R7-e66oovfUu-LN-bPDK0maiZk4hIG1tLrkD5BSdBnReUjhdHFxI16mg3guD5NXC455&__tn__=-R

Word on Fire

Access online videos, lectures and study kits from the team at Word on Fire. They're led by Bishop Robert Barron - many of you may remember his talk at the Usher Hall, Edinburgh, in 2018. See the below video and be uplifted by his message about getting closer to God during the coronavirus quarantine.

Archdiocese of St Andrews & Edinburgh

We're providing a range of news and resources on our website, Facebook and Twitter highlighting what's happening across the Archdiocese. Recently, Fr Jamie McMorrin, of St Mary's Cathedral in Edinburgh, offered words of hope and consolation to couples who have had to 'corona-cancel' their wedding. Share the video with any affected couples you know.[0]=68.ARC93LMYIVqZlXBsuEx_Rky8E4BSuGZkCeO95_MkhWKwlmzNnHiqj_BLTTmq_BUntMcR7ZPFtpdUQMZtf0gpsibeuEXxOGMZHGRdQMFQ5RpNZK8IYwfT9R9NctEKJuY-QaRuYHFnCvpGSqM9w5yGjSxoZPpgvLDpmc2V9FnHinsGx0k-JEpOQ3fbzYrxVh-L2acpjUxVxDYXsbRNLVeWkx0CPJvTvrRTeNoOdrBy5QrGcpokFgxJ0auVH6VDbym5fgciXa994seqeLmGXSiGLc7IzwujUDaY0aruXiNBUuByn4KBjI_EibhdtnJ2PWdZKilVVaAZ4aMkJATyQ94IHZIcvr_0W0fou0M&__tn__=-R

Also check out:

St Augustine's TV: Fr Michael J Kane and volunteers at the Coatbridge church have launched a new media channel bringing you catechesis, interviews, live Mass and more!

Justice & Peace Scotland: All Christians should strive for justice. The best place to start is the National Commission for Justice & Peace Scotland. It advises the Scottish Bishops' Conference of the Catholic Church in  social justice, international peace and human rights, and promotes action in these areas. Check out its site for campaigns, blogs and calls to action!

Pax Christi Scotland:Pax Christ translates as the peace of Christ and this organisation is increasing its influence in the areas of peace, reconciliation and non-violence, inspired by faith and based on the gospel, rooted in Catholic Christianity.

DOM RE: Our friends at the Diocese of Motherwell provide great YouTube catechesis for children along with regular reflections from clergy.

Catholic Answers: We all face difficult questions about our Faith. When you don't know the answer, these guys do.

Catholic Memes: Be amused with the lighter side of Catholic life on this Facebook site.