Parishioners will lead an online Stations of the Cross, which is being broadcast on Good Friday.

The devotion will be posted ahead of the Passion of the Lord service at 3pm, which will also be broadcast.

Archbishop Leo Cushley's initiative continues the celebration of the Triduum which begins on Holy Thursday Mass and culminates on Easter Sunday.

Fr Tony Lappin, of St Joseph's Parish in Peebles, put together a trailer video for the event, explaining the background to the popular Catholic devotion (see below).

You can watch and pray the Stations of the Cross in the following ways:



A children's Stations of the Cross has been put together by young people at Holy Cross parish in Edinburgh and will also be available to watch on our YouTube channel at 12pm on Friday.

Check out these resources from Fr Daniel Doherty who leads our Catchetics Commission:

Holy Week Service
We watch with the Lord in the Garden of Gethsemane. Click here.

Seven Last Words
A Lenten Service on the Seven Last Words of Christ from the Cross. Click here.

Stations of the Cross
Read the Stations of the Cross with your family. Click here.[0]=68.ARDD_EWeRNi4QfHGfqwiQFaQm1tmwdwNLxNdehIc54MGMzvtxxoQHYw5ljGvmA4feYMJotBfsooWYHUVXDXTHOErdNJZy3XcPMzYqb7tp2PKZ5TAJJHMnsiq5wjLIg3bQQitUKpjRAJvWg4zQHvdrOf1pfjHxQngXwMBH5K1RDnbOIfdB7QDOouduLOaQOwYMIR2T5mnHCc_VXesYMEKthEnVXdin6-DHede2cf-OPlLi_Wnnd4WsKiiN73IRHDURptvT-5WkGX8bxlLyFDTRErXNfMslm0DvZBknLm18lY79_SHiWiuNnjWo-K4f8-j3Q--C0U0QITy0IfHrgfUwU_Dqvy4XUxoKL8&__tn__=-R