Sunday Rosary sessions have helped inspire parishioners in Queensferry, Dalmeny and Kirkliston to create a tastebud tingling cookbook!

Over thirty budding chefs got creative to contribute their cuisine - with recipes from across the world - to raise funds for St Margaret's Parish.

Parishioner Elizabeth Miller said: "We were doing Rosary on Zoom every Sunday when Mass would normally have been on and realised that quite a few of the people taking part are very proficient cooks - they were talking about all the great things they would make for Sunday lunch! So we thought that during lockdown this would be a good idea to raise funds."

She and fellow organiser Katie Wotherspoon worked to compile recipes from parishioners, family and friends, while Elizabeth's husband Graeme designed the pages. Now they are ready to launch the book in both hardback and digital editions.

Katie said: "We've got an eclectic mix of recipes because we've got quite a diverse community in South Queensferry. We have recipes from Nigeria, Zambia and France as well as an authentic Scottish butcher haggis recipe.

Even children got involved, helping illustrate pages with drawings of the patron saints of baking and cooking.

Fr Scott Deeley, parish priest at St Margaret's, said: "It’s surely a must for every Catholic kitchen! Many thanks to everyone who helped make this happen."

St Margaret's Parish Cookbook is available to pre-order in hardback (suggested donation £20, includes digital edition) and digital (suggested donation £10). Place your order by 30 August by emailing

Sample recipe

Have a go at Cod with a Leek & Gruyére Crust, from Katie in Kirkliston.