The SPRED group for our Archdiocese has thanked three volunteers who have retired from their roles after many years of dedication.

Christine Pringle, leader of a group in George Square, Edinburgh, stepped down from her position after 22 years as catechist and leader catechist.

A spokesperson said: "Christine will be greatly missed by her fellow leader catechists, catechists and friends. Special thanks for her love, dedication, commitment and support to all the SPRED Family."

In October 2020 Lawrence Gilroy retired as catechist from the Tuesday 2 and Wednesday 1 groups at George Square.

"He too has devoted 22 years to SPRED, demonstrating his love and commitment to all his friends and Catechists. You will be greatly missed by all Lawrence.

"Also a special thanks to Betty Ingram who has decided to retire as a catechist after eight years in a group also at George Square. Betty has been a constant attender in her group and a loving and loyal friend to all."

SPRED (Special Religious Development) is a parish based programme that catechises children and adults who have a learning disabilities. Read its latest update below.