Religious brothers and sisters gather at the Gillis Centre this morning for our Annual Day for Religious. We asked some of them about their best moments serving God.

Sister Maria Guadalupe Figueroa RSM, Religious Sisters of Mercy of Alma, St Andrews Convent, Edinburgh
Of all the exciting moments of my life as a Sister, the most profound of them is in the simplicity that I have said yes to the Call. I always held an attraction to Religious Life and while I was not sure where to go with that desire, I was confident that the Lord would lead me if I continued to pursue Him with an open heart. Through that fiat, God has provided countless highlights. Some are big ones such as being sent overseas to Scotland for my first mission. Other highlights I value most are in the small daily encounters I have with others whether it is visiting the sick in the hospital or being approached on the street- it is a gift to discover how God invites me to be an instrument on a daily basis. I look forward to seeing what more God has in store and living the quote of St John Paul II: “Life with Christ is a wonderful adventure.” Find out more:

Father Joel Linawag SJ (Jesuits) Sacred Heart Parish, Lauriston, Edinburgh
As a Jesuit priest, my most consoling experience thus far has been in the ministry of spiritual accompaniment, particularly through my service as a retreat guide, spiritual director, and minister of the Sacrament of Reconciliation. There’s something about journeying with people and closely witnessing their encounter with God that moves me and makes me deepen my appreciation for my religious vocation. Seeing how God lovingly reaches out to us in a profoundly personal way is a privilege that affirms me in the path that I have taken and in the work that I do. Find out more:


Sister Margaret Mary, Sisters of Nazareth, Bonnyrigg
One of the best moments of my journey is acquiring the gift of courage to make a choice in life, and to choose to live the life of the ‘Sisters of Nazareth’ is the gift of Faith.  A wonderful privilege which I call ‘Treasure’. Our main apostolate is caring for the sick, which echoes Christ words: “As you did it to one of the least of these my brethren, you did it to me (Matt.25:40). I know my daily visits to the residents in our care reminds me of our connectedness with God. My Journey relies solely in trusting God. To be open and honest is the key to survival. Find out more:


Brother Samuel Burke OP (Dominicans) St Albert’s Chaplaincy, Edinburgh
“It’s difficult to pinpoint ‘the best moment’ in my life as a Dominican Friar amidst countless graces. Perhaps I might note the first since without it nothing follows. Walking through the doors of our Novitiate at Blackfriars, Cambridge, and shortly thereafter being clothed in the Dominican habit, probably ranks as the most difficult thing I’ve done in my life. I had to overcome seemingly enormously challenges: my family were trenchantly opposed; the career, for which I had worked hard, left abandoned; most of my friends thought I was mad. And yet, I had an unassailable sense deep within me that God was calling me to this life as a friar preacher, with all the sacrifices entailed. It was, I’d discerned, the response that God asked of me, a response which feels so inadequate to His prior and greater love for me. Following this calling is an indescribable thrill, unlike any other. And, though there have been ups and downs, I have never lost the deep conviction that I am doing God’s will. For this, I thank God each day even as this great adventure continues to unfold...” Find out more:

Father Marcin Motyka SAC, Society of the Catholic Apostolate (Pallottines), West Calder
As my vocation and call is directly linked with the sacrament of Holy Orders I have been preparing and training to serve as a priest wherever the Church sends me. That is the source of my joy. Many of my friends from the Pallottine seminary now work as missionary priests or in schools, hospitals, universities, prisons and local parishes. It is fantastic to meet with them from time to time and share our experience. It is great privilege to witness and see God very much at work among us in people’s lives, their families and communities and to take also a small part in that story: ‘Ad Infinitam Dei Gloriam’ – For the Infinite Glory of God. Find out more:

If you feel called to the priesthood or religious life, why not have a chat with our vocations director Father Andrew Garden on 0131 663 4286 | or Sister Mirjam Hugens, director for Religious Vocations, on 0131 623 8902 |