Join us on Zoom this Monday evening as we prepare you for a new liturgical year which focuses on the Gospel of St Mark.

Did you know:

  • St Mark's gospel is the shortest, compared to Matthew, Luke and John.
  • It's focused on Christ's actions and is packed with miracles.
  • St Mark died as a martyr while being dragged through the streets.

The one-hour talk (7pm-8pm) will be led by Fr Andrew Garden, who is parish priest at St David's in Dalkeith.

He said: "This talk is to help us get familiar with St Mark's gospel for the new liturgical year which begins on Advent. It means we'll be listening to his Gospel each Sunday throughout much of the year.

"So I want to help people get a sense his gospel and to highlight the things that are different from the other Gospels. It's the shortest gospel, which some people like!"

Getting to Know St Mark, this Monday (19th), 7-8pm, Zoom. It's easy to take part - no registration is required. Simply use this link to join us: (or Meeting ID: 882 9692 9435). If you're new to Zoom, check out this guide.