World Mission Sunday 2023 is a chance to pray and support our sisters and brothers in Christ who live in areas of poverty, conflict and oppression.

A special collection takes place this Sunday at all parishes in the Archdiocese.

Every penny, pound and prayer you give to Missio helps missionaries everywhere continue their work.

Setting hearts ablaze in Kenya

Kibera is the biggest urban ‘slum’ in Kenya, writes Missio Scotland. In fact, it is the biggest in Africa.

Rife with all the problems poverty brings – malnourishment, addiction, abuse – it is easy to see Kibera as a place of despair.

But missionary Sister Mary meets the challenges of life in Kibera with faith and friendship.

"Our charism is be one with the people, go where people are, she said.

"It’s from St Paul, but our foundress Sister Magdalene also took it from St Charles de Foucauld: to be there with them from the grassroots, discover what is happening, and together learn what to do."

That is why Sr Mary and her fellow Little Sisters of Jesus choose to live in the heart of Kibera, alongside the people they serve. That way, she can better understand the daily challenges, and reach all who are in need.

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