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VOCATIONS: 'Where I discovered my call as a religious sister'

When did you first go there?
I had worked as a journalist in Catholic news in Washington DC. While it was work that I loved and enjoyed, I knew God was calling me to give my whole life. When I was discerning my vocation with the Religious Sisters of Mercy I attended a vocation weekend at our mother house. It was during that retreat when I was praying with the sisters that I first came across this chapel.

What was special about it?
On that retreat, I would be praying at Holy Hour with the sisters before the Blessed Sacrament. By God’s Grace, it was in that time I was able to recognise God was calling me to this community of sisters. This was where I was to be – not back at my work in my little life that I had carved out for myself. It was like an anchor sinking in. The chapel is where I recognised the reality of my call to religious life. I could see I needed to respond.

What is special about the chapel?
The  liturgies there really are beautiful. We work together at our chanting and our singing. We have a daily choir practice. So, there’s a special love and effort that we put into the prayer in our liturgy in the chapel at the mother house.

Your most memorable day?
The day I entered the novitiate is probably the most memorable day for me in the chapel. That’s when we receive our religious habit, our veil, and our religious name from our Superior General. I remember receiving my name that I had never imagined for my- self, but my name is Sr Miriam Fidelis, which is Mary the Woman of Faith. That was a very memorable day for me there.

Read the full interview at The Scottish Catholic. Sr Miriam Fidelis is a Religious Sister of Mercy based at St Andrew's Convent in Ravelston, Edinburgh. She also serves as a parish sister at St Mary’s Cathedral in the city. Find out more about the Religious Sisters of Mercy of Alma, Michigan, here.

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