Scotland's bishops are working together with authorities in taking the next steps towards getting churches across the country safely reopened.

In a video message posted on his Twitter feed, Archbishop Cushley said: "Know that we’re doing what we can as bishops to speak to the Government and authorities so that we are exploring how to move forward, what the next steps will be and how to open our churches as soon as we possibly can do so."[0]=68.ARCzEb8PqHwkCxX0aosf4zfMtHPg9ihJkdtzCKTR2IHv8C3MHa9ram7FJTi9XA0KPWovyyyc_u0Go8iB-xuPDr_KhrDZ5a-C3_y4pnEJ8hZLoQwzmiB0vCqR0L_6wsw1uAwgRQPv20J0Hfjs2EJOGl6B6TAlOemvhUivLDcREEZWlXApf23L8XZmLWeen_fjai3PUqK91q_YvzDQUHGwWYA4gi9HwerpcwFR3Xk2dPpRJxl-1g4_orA2wgS2f0d5Mw3CGP4UekCG_UltWJUGvaHhe3jBRaiiUfkFchDVAXevhw7dkIVXa8nvLgFga9u67E-kX_6ctZVuhI017xO_PJyanJUDJ7fW26Q&__tn__=-R

He emphasised the importance of "doing it safely, doing it well and with a sense of public responsibility".

He added: "So please pray for that, let’s work for that, and hopefully we will all be able to get together to pray and offer up the sacrifice as we love to do as Catholics on Sunday, as soon as possible."

The message, recorded at his home chapel St Bennet's in Edinburgh, reassured Catholics that priests across the Archdiocese continue to pray and offer up the Holy Mass for them each day.

You can watch Holy Mass with Archbishop Cushley at 9am each Sunday during lockdown on Facebook, YouTube and this website.