Here's the Children's Liturgy at Home guide for Sunday.

  • 15 November 2020, 33rd Sunday, Year A. Click here to view.

In Sunday's Gospel we are reminded that God has given all of us different talents. These talents must be used to reflect God’s love by helping others. What are you good at and how do you use your talents?

Lead a Discussion on the Gospel
In the story Jesus told- what did the man give his servants?
He gave them money (known as talents) in varying amounts according to their ability: 5000, 2000, and 1000 gold coins.

What did each servant do with the money entrusted to him?
The servant with 5000 talents made 5000 more. The servant with 2000 made 2000 more, but the servant with 1000 talents did nothing to increase the amount and instead buried the coins.

What happened when the man returned and called for his servants? Was he pleased with his servants?
The man was very pleased with the two servants who had made the most of what they were given and had doubled their talents. He was very angry with the servant who was lazy and buried the talents hewas given!

What was Jesus telling us in this story?
Jesus is reminding us that God has given us all talents and that we are meant to use them and develop them the best we can to show God’s love to others.