More faith leaders in Scotland have committed to 'standing together' to support their communities with practical help and prayer during the coronavirus outbreak.

They joined (from left, main pic) The Rt Rev Colin Sinclair, of the Church of Scotland, Archbishop Leo Cushley, Imam Sayed Ali Abbas Razawi and the Most Rev Mark Strange, of the Scottish Episcopal Church, in issuing a statement yesterday (Wednesday) emphasising the need to follow Government health advice to reduce the spread of the disease and help save lives.

They said: "We are living through unprecedented times and our local communities are finding ways of connecting and supporting each other.

"We are aware that Covid19 is beginning to effect people we know and people are anxious. It is therefore important that we all keep to the Government advice, it will help save lives.

"These are also the moments when it is so important that we, the faith communities in Scotland, stand together. We all seek the wellbeing and peace of our people and we all pray for the health and unity of our nation.

"We commit ourselves to mutual respect and to seek together those opportunities when we can offer ourselves to the service of the people and institutions of Scotland.  We are praying for you and with you, may God be with us.".

The letter is signed by leaders representing Christian, Jewish, Hindu, Muslim and other faiths. It follow's last month's letter in which they called for people to look out for the most vulnerable during the coronavirus outbreak.