Archbishop Cushley welcomed Fr David Borland of St Margaret's in Ayr (left) and Canon Gerald Sharkey of St Margaret's in Clydebank to collect holy relics of St Margaret in Edinburgh yesterday (Thursday 13 Oct).

Fr Borland said: "It's divine providence that the opportunity to receive this relic happened for us at this time as it will be installed in our Cathedral on St Margaret's Day this year - our 200th anniversary. I'm delighted.

Canon Sharkey said: "This year our parish marks the 50th anniversary of the building of the church and we look forward to the relic being part of these celebrations."

The Archdiocese has been approached by parishes dedicated to St Margaret after the relic fragmented while being removed from its reliquary at St Margaret's Church in Dunfermline in 2019.

That meant smaller relics were made available and parishes from Scotland and further afield (including Chile) have petitioned the Archdiocese to entrust a relic for veneration by the faithful there.

The smaller relics are from the scapular bone of the Saint.