Archbishop Cushley celebrated Mass for the Feast of the Holy Innocents on Tuesday in St Margaret's Chapel at the Gillis Centre, Edinburgh.

In his homily he said: "A recent pro-life slogan is 'Love Them Both'. I like that because it's about the child and the mother. It will not be by shouting but by our loving example and the grace of almighty God that people's hearts will change on abortion."

Also attending was Donna Cameron from Stanton Healthcare (East of Scotland), a new centre that will provide free practical support and advice for pregnant women.
Archbishop Cushley during Mass at St Margaret's Chapel.
Archbishop Cushley and Fr Jeremy Milne, VIcar Episcopal for Marriage & Family life, chat with Donna Cameron, of Stanton Healthcare (East of Scotland).

Archbishop Cushley with members ofthe Knights of St Columba.
Donna Cameron, of Stanton Healthcare (East of Scotland) and Paul Atkin, of the Archdiocesan Pro-Life Office.