A week-long Edinburgh Fringe event will celebrate those on the margins, and visitors are invited to contribute to the artwork on display.

Outside In is led by Syrian artist Mousa Alnana and organisers include the Archdiocesan Caritas, Justice & Peace commission's working group on refugees.

Agatha Kai-Kai, from the group, said: "Our working group has a special vocation to serve and learn from people on the margins, and we invite people to take part in our latest venture.

"Along with collaborators, we have helped devise a week of creative art which will culminate in an art installation on the theme of Outside In.

Spiritual Theme

"The completed installation and exhibition will remain on display in August. Then it will be moved to new venues where it will continue to celebrate art and promote discussion of the spiritual theme - Outside In. The longest journey is the journey within'."

She added: "This art-week is free and open to all: we invite individuals and groups with experience of loss or of coming in from the outside to a new place of belonging to register for a group workshop, where everything will be provided."

The description for the event states: "The longest journey is the journey within. Come and join us during the day to participate in the creation of an artwork in St Mary's atmospheric Cathedral with the celebrated artist from Homs, Mousa AlNana. Plus exhibition by community artists from Artlink, L'Arche and more."

Outside In takes place at St Mary's Episcopal Cathedral, Palmerston Place, Edinburgh from 7-14 August. People can drop in any time between 10am to 4:30pm (8-13 Aug) to take part in free workshops and contribute to the artwork. Alternatively, register for a workshop by contacting sarah.tolley@btopenworld.com, 07593316284.