Archbishop Cushley has congratulated senior pupils from across the Archdiocese for their charitable work in the church and community.

He attended the The 10th Annual Caritas award ceremony at the Clyde Auditorium on Monday (3 June).

He was joined by Archbishop Bill Nolan (Glasgow), Bishop Joe Toal (Motherwell), Bishop Brian McGee (Argyll & the Isles) and Bishop Francis Dougan (Galloway) and around 1,600 pupils!

Speaking on BBC Radio Scotland, Archbishop Cushley said: "The Caritas Awards are unique to Scotland and it’s something we should all be quietly proud of because it has contributed hundreds of thousands of hours of charity to the common good.

"I was heartened by the many young people who are coming to know and value the act of charity.

"I have no doubt that it is a commitment that they will carry forward in their own lives to better those around them and ultimately the society we live in."

The Pope Benedict XVI Caritas Awards were introduced in 2011, as part of a legacy of the UK visit of Pope Benedict XVI.

It asks young people to use their faith to inspire practical work in the Church and local community as part of their faith witness.


All images: Paul McSherry