A Corpus Christi procession took place on the streets of Scotland's capital today (Sunday 2 June) as a public witness to our faith in Jesus Christ.

The procession, organised by the Archdiocese, began at St Patrick's Church in The Cowgate, before heading onto the Royal Mile, with participants singing hymns in praise of Jesus.

It followed Mass in which Archbishop Leo Cushley was the principal celebrant. Watch below or on YouTube

Archbishop Cushley said: "It's a very visible and public celebration of our Faith.

"The Corpus Christi procession is intended for the good of all the people who live here, that they may be blessed and have peace."

Catholic organisations taking part included The Sovereign Order of Malta, The Equestrian Order of the Holy Sepulchre and The Knights of St Columba.

Thanks to Fr Gerard Hatton, Fr Ninian Doohan and all at St Patrick's for hosting this special event.

Other priests who concelebrated Mass were Fr Josh Moir (St Patrick's, Kilsyth), Fr James Cadman (St Mary & St David, Hawick, Jedburgh, Kelso) and Fr Joe McAuley (Archdiocese of Glasgow).