If you want to take part in a life-enhancing Pilgrimage to the holy site of Lourdes in France this summer, let the organisers know!

The Pilgrimage Committee is appealing for potential pilgrims to register their interest by filling out this online form.

Dr Monica Bald, Chief Pilgrimage Doctor, said: "We are trying to make a decision regarding our commitment to travelling to Lourdes this year.

"Rather than asking people to apply at this point, we are asking Pilgrims to ‘Express an Interest’ to help us make an informed decision.


She added: "It is impossible for us to make any travel completely risk free and we cannot guarantee a COVID-19 free Pilgrimage. However, we hope to reduce and mitigate this risk as much as possible as we learn to more forward and ‘Live with COVID’.

"Although we know that the Archdiocesan Lourdes Pilgrimage will feel very different to any previous Pilgrimages, we are confident that we will be guided by Our Lady of Lourdes in our desire to answer her call to travel in Pilgrimage.

Dr Bald's letter can be read at the Edinburgh Lourdes website, which also includes a Q&A and other details about the pilgrimage.