Young adults from our Archdiocese were among a record number who attended the annual SPUC Youth and Student Conference in Staffordshire.

Over 200 delegates heard inspirational speeches and attended workshops to train the next generation of pro-life leaders to help build a culture of life in the UK.

Clara Grace (title image, left), a student at St Andrew's, said: "The SPUC conference portrayed such a striking portrait of the intersection between compassion and Truth and invited us to stand shoulder to shoulder with them in the desire to bring life not only to babies but also women across the UK."

Hannah McNicol, president of St Andrew's Students for Life, said: The conference was fab, we learned loads and had a great time talking to everyone."

Matilda Rose Nevin, a parishioner at St Mary’s Stirling.

SPUC's Youth Conference is an annual event for young people across the UK. This year the conference was based on Three Pillars: to educate, inspire and empower.

The Archdiocesan Pro-Life Office builds a culture of life in our parishes, schools and universities. For Pro-Life information, resources and speakers contact Paul Atkin: