The Archdiocesan Pro-Life Office has welcomed reports that the Scottish Government has rejected proposals to ban peaceful prayers and offers of help at abortion clinics.

It comes following an article in The Scotsman that said it had called buffer zones a "disproportionate" measure.

Paul Atkin, Pro-Life Officer for the Archdiocese, said: "The Scottish Government has acknowledged that banning peaceful prayer would be a disproportionate response.

"This confirms what we've been saying for some time that pro-life vigils are peaceful, prayerful and helpful for women.

"Participants must sign a ‘Statement of Peace’ and members of the public have been supportive.

"Abortion supporters have made many false allegations about vigils so we welcome this evidence-based decision by Scottish Government. Freedom of Information requests to Police Scotland have confirmed that there are no incidents on record.

"The NHS have also been asked and have said they have no record of anything untoward."

He added: "In 2020, there were 13,815 abortions across Scotland; 209 of these children were aborted because they were thought to be disabled. Women from our most deprived areas have abortion rates 2.2 times higher than women from the least deprived areas.


For many women and their families in our Archdiocese abortion is something they are pushed into by financial circumstances or a lack of knowledge of the support and alternatives that exist.

"Alternatives do exist; Pro-Life organisations across Scotland offer baby materials, support, help with accommodation, emotional support or whatever a new Mum needs, for as long as she needs it after birth as well.

"Peaceful Pro-Life vigils offer a chance for women to receive this help and support. Some women have said they would have run to a vigil if they had seen one when they presented for an abortion they later regretted. Vigils can also sign post women to post-abortion care and healing after the event."

40 Days for Life is starting a new campaign in Edinburgh on 22 September for 40 days. Will you be in the capital during that time? Could you pray one hour with them?  Find out more: