People from across Scotland will get the chance to hear first hand about the Dominican way of Life at a conference in Edinburgh this weekend.

Saint Dominic and his Preachers of Grace takes place on 23-24 June and offers participants an opportunity to explore what lies at the heart of being a Dominican.

Archbishop Cushley will celebrate Mass with the Dominicans at St Mary's Cathedral on Saturday at midday. Fr Timothy Radcliff OP will preach

Fr Dermot Morrin OP, of St Albert's Chaplaincy in Edinburgh, said: “I have often noticed that many of the people to whom we preach don’t know much more about us than hearing the sermon.  They know very little about our way of life and the scope of our various ministries.

I hope that all those who come will gain a deeper sense of the grace and joy the call to follow St Dominic brings.

"I thought an afternoon seminar might help but my idea has caught on and now it is a fully-fledged conference with about twenty Dominican friars, sisters and laity speaking."

He added "I am looking forward to welcoming those who know us already and those who would like to get to know us.

"I hope that all those who come will gain a deeper sense of the grace and joy the call to follow St Dominic brings.”

Speakers include Fr Timothy Radcliffe OP, Fr Richard Finn OP, and  Fr Fergus Kerr OP (who is based in our Archdiocese) as well as many other Friars, Sisters and Lay Dominicans.

Full details of events and accommodation is at

  • Book for the welcome dinner on Friday 23 June evening here. It takes place at 6pm in Assembly Hall, New College, Edinburgh, EH1 2LX.
  • Book for the Conference on Saturday here. It takes place at various venues throughout the day.

The Dominicans will explain all about themselves by giving an account of what they have done, what they are doing currently and what they could do in the future.

In our Archdiocese the Dominicans are based at St Albert's Chaplaincy at the University of Edinburgh.

St Dominic and His Preachers of Grace - programme

Friday 23rd June

6pm  Welcome and Introduction   Dermot Morrin OP, local Superior,  and Martin Ganeri OP, Provincial.  Assembly Hall

6.50pm Leave the Assembly Hall  Use the Castlehill door to go to St Columba by the Castle

7pm to 9pm Dinner     St Columba by the Castle


Saturday 24th June

9am to 9.30am tea, & coffees   Rainy Hall.  

9.30am  – 10.30am “The Several ~Histories of the Dominicans in Scotland” – Richard Finn OP Assembly Hall 

10.30am – 11.20am “The Province in my Time” Fergus Kerr OP  (video shown in Assembly Hall)

11.25am Conference Photo  Front Quad of New College

Walk from New College to the Cathedral 

12 Noon  Mass  St Mary’s RC Cathedral, celebrated by Archbishop Cushley with Timothy Radcliffe OP preaching.   

1pm Leave Cathedral and walk to New College for lunch

1.20pm – 2.15pm  Sandwich lunch   Rainy Hall. 

2.15pm  -3.45pm “What we now do”   Presentations on the various ministries of Dominican Friars, Sisters and Laity.  Assembly Hall

3.45pm  – 4pm coffee, tea Rainy Hall

4pm to 5pm “Preaching and the Imagination”  Timothy Radcliffe OP Assembly Hall 

5pm  – 5.35pm  “The Young Respond”   2 young Friars, 2 young Sisters and 4 young Lay Dominicans respond  Assembly Hall

5.35pm – 5.45pm Closing Remarks and Many Thanks. Assembly Hall 

5.45pm - 6pm  Vespers   Assembly Hall

6pm - Depart

Find out more about St Albert's Chaplaincy here.